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ZALLO Albacore tuna in OLEOHEALTH organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with olive oil polyphenols

Albacore tuna is a wholesome, healthy food that is an essential part of a balanced diet. Its great nutritional value is increased when preserved in Oleohealth extra virgin olive oil with polyphenols, letting you benefit from its added nutritional value.

Albacore tuna is rich in proteins (of great biological value) and contains a large amount of vitamins (A, B, B12 and D, as well as E, which provides a protective antioxidant effect).In addition, it provides minerals such as calcium and iodine, which are essential for your metabolism.

Its meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which helps decrease the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. It thus helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega 3 is also essential for nervous tissues and the retina, since it makes up part of their cells.

It’s a highly recommendable food for full neurological and ocular development in children, since the retina and the nervous system are still being formed.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that a minimum consumption of 5mg/day of olive polyphenols contributes to protecting blood lipids from oxidative damage.

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Certified organic

ES-ECO-026-VAS Agriculture EU

Suitable for celiacs.

PROKEY Ultra-healthy water kefir drink

Prokey water kefir is a delicious and healthy beverage with live microorganisms. It is produced through the fermentation of live water kefir cultures. The result is a slightly carbonated beverage that is low in calories and sugar. Each bottle contains less than 2% sugar.

Prokey has the qualities of both yogurt with bifidus and an isotonic soft drink, but without the nutritional drawbacks associated with lactic products or the sugars and sweeteners that are commonly added. It is a live, unpasteurized beverage. It contains 100 million CFUs of kefir culture per ml at the time of packaging.

Several flavors are available such as PROKEY AQUA, the most traditional water kefir recipe which we make by dissolving in water: cane sugar*, date syrup*, lemon juice concentrate*, natural lemon flavour and probiotic cultures that consume the sugars to grow (strains of the genera Lactococcus, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium).

PROKEY MINT & GINGER, PROKEY HIBISCUS and PROKEY COCONUT are made based on the traditional recipe. After the first fermentation phase, they are flavored with an infusion of mint leaves* and ginger root* in water, an infusion of hibiscus flower* and natural coconut flavour, respectively.

*Organic Certified Ingredients

EU / non-EU Agriculture

Cold Brew Kombucha PROKEY

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink obtained from sweetened tea fermented by Medusomyces gisevi (a colony of microorganisms, bacteria and yeasts, which coexist symbiotically) with incredible properties.

At Biosasun, we produce Cold Brew Kombucha by cold brewing black tea leaves aromatized with bergamot oil (Earl Grey tea variety). Sugar* and probiotic cultures are added to the resulting tea. Sugar is consumed by the probiotic cultures to grow.

INGREDIENTS: water, sugar*, Earl Grey tea leaves* and probiotic cultures.

As it happens with water kefir, our Kombucha is a living beverage and it is not pasteurized: it contains 100 million of CFU (1×108) ml at the time of packaging.

*Organic Certified Ingredients

EU / non-EU Agriculture


Inex Pediculicida soap ®

The innovative natural anti-head lice formula patented by Dr Pilar Mateo is developed from a base of micro-encapsulated saponified tea tree oil. It eliminates head lice and irritation and also offers a long-lasting preventive effect.

The product forms a case around the head louse, blocking off its breathing system and causing death by suffocation. Tea tree oil is a natural head lice repellent.

It is the only pediculicide in the market that does not contain insecticides, permethrin, parabens and silicons, meaning it can be used frequently due to its mild nature and because head lice do not build up a resistance to the product. It does not damage skin or the scalp. It is 100% Harmless and 100% Biodegradable. Differently to other products, Pediculicide Soap ® has exceptional cosmetic products that make it work like a 2 in 1 product, so other complementary products are not necessary, such as shampoo, conditioner or repellent. It contains saponified olive oil, proffering it cleaning properties. It leaves hair feeling soft and ready for brushing with a fine comb.

100% natural triple effect formula.

Inex Champú preventivo ®

Natural daily-use repellent against head lice that incorporates tea tree oil microcapsules. The innovative formula patented by Dr Pilar Mateo is kind to the skin, the scalp and the environment.

It does not contain any insecticides, permethrin, parabens or silicons, so it is suitable for frequent use. It is 100% Harmless and 100% Biodegradable. It cleans, protects and nourishes hair, and has a pleasant aroma.

When to use it
  • As a preventive measure to avoid the appearance of head lice.
  • After treating with Inex Pediculicida Soap ®, it prevents the risk of re-infestation.