Polyphenols: what they are and where they are found

Polyphenols are natural bioactive components, with antioxidant capacities, which have become of considerable nutritional interest due to their actions, not only in the state of health, but also in the prevention of functional and structural alterations in diverse illnesses. Polyphenols are found, among other plant species, in the leaves and fruit of olive trees, which through following a correct elaboration process can be found in the oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, unique benefits

Of all the oils, extra virgin olive oil has the greatest phenolic content. It also provides a high level of oleic acid, known for its important regulatory fat metabolism actions and the balance of body weight.

Polyphenols: a great ally to our health

Scientific studies have revealed fundamentally antioxidant actions, though they have also shown other clear health benefits such as:

  • They provide increased protection against heart disease and hepatic risks due to their purifying action and contribution to increasing “good” (HDL-cholesterol) and the reduction of “bad” (LDL-cholesterol) cholesterol
  • They help prevent cognitive deterioration and dementia
  • They contribute to longer survival and longevity
  • They protect against hypertension
  • They can increase protection against certain types of cancer
  • They contribute to keeping a healthy body weight
  • They have antibiotic and anti-viral actions

The scientific communities of the EFSA and the AECOSAN - European and Spanish authorities respectively for food and nutritional safety, affirm that this benefit can be obtained by consuming 5mg of polyphenols a day.

The olive tree: a natural source of specific polyphenols

Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides polyphenic benefits such as:

  • Oleuropein: Phenolic component responsible for the bitter and sharp taste the oil produces in the throat..
  • Oleocanthal: Phenolic component found in certain extra virgin olive oils. It has emerged as a new therapeutic molecule with an important pharmacological action.

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