Polyphenols: a great ally to our health

Polyphenols are natural bioactive components, with antioxidant capacity, which have become of considerable nutritional interest due to their actions, not only in the state of health, but also in the prevention of functional and structural alterations in diverse illnesses.

Polyphenols are found, among other plant species, in olive trees, which through following a correct elaboration process can be found in the oil.

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We choose the raw materials, guarantee the end result and protect the planet

We care about the health of people, of the environment and of biodiversity.

We always use ecological raw materials, removing any element that could be toxic for the food or that may reduce the nutritional and health properties from the very outset. Our manufacturing process has been developed to ensure the lowest possible environmental impact


Our products

  • Biosasun Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Oleohealth ecological extra virgin olive oil is of superior category Navarran origin
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rich in Polyphenols

    Extra virgin olive oil rich in Oleohealth polyphenols offers 10 times more antioxidants than a conventional extra virgin olive oil
  • Natural truffle flavored oil seasoning

    Product with a unique natural flavor and aroma of black truffle, it is a dressing for finished dishes. Simply add a few drops of our oil seasoning to food to achieve a truffle accent on your plate.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil For Kids

    The benefits of extra virgin olive oil in childhood are clear, especially as it is the first and most important phase in our lives
  • ZALLO Albacore tuna in OLEOHEALTH organic

    Albacore tuna is a wholesome, healthy food that is an essential part of a balanced diet.
  • PROKEY Ultra-healthy water kefir drink

    Prokey water kefir is a soft drink, delicious and healthy beverage with live microorganisms
  • Oleohealth® Water Kefir with Olive Polyphenols

    Oleohealth® Water Kefir is a delicious and healthy beverage produced through the fermentation of live water kefir cultures together with an aqueous extract of our olive polyphenols.
  • Oleohealth® Kombucha with Olive Polyphenols

    Kombucha is a probiotic beverage obtained from a sweetened tea fermented by Medusomyces gisevi with incredible properties.